January 22, 2024


Grand Universe to house the world’s most advanced planetarium
Westfield, Indiana – Grand Universe, a world-class center and visionary hub for science and space exploration, has a lot of exciting things on the horizon. One development in the works is a highly advanced planetarium with a flat-screen, LED dome theater that will immerse guests of all ages into a world where imagination meets science.

Exciting news for Westfield and beyond
Despite the popularity of space science centers across the Midwest, Indiana has yet to have a center with a planetarium of its own. With a mission to ignite lifelong learning, Greg McCauley, CEO of Grand Universe, wanted to ensure that the campus would not just have any planetarium—but have one that would give guests an interactive, immersive, and educational experience.

The McCauley Planetarium will be the largest planetarium dome in the Midwest and America’s first-ever flat-screen, 8K LED dome theater. It will also be the world’s most advanced planetarium. Not only is this an exciting development for Westfield, it is also a huge step forward in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for the nation as a whole.

An astronomical view
The McCauley Planetarium will be powered by Cosm Technology, a company that merges immersive technology with physical spaces. This technology will equip Grand Universe to showcase the most immersive, top-quality astronomy simulations and scientific visualizations in the world—seamlessly bridging the digital and physical worlds.

The planetarium will pave the way for the next generation and provide viewing experiences at the highest level of resolution, contrast, and brightness. With presentations across all areas of science and live-streamed events from NASA, this technology will transport guests anywhere, real or imagined.

Prepare for launch
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