The Grand Universe Campus

Located next to the Grand Park sports complex in Westfield, Indiana, Grand Universe's 78-acre science and space campus will be the place to touch science and space.

Render of the aerial view of the Grand Universe campus

A Mission Control for Student Powered Research

Step into a fully operational replica of NASA’s Mission Control Center, where students harness data from the Earth System Observatory, James Webb Space Telescope Artemis Mission to the Moon Mars Missions, and beyond.

A Virtual Reality Theater to experience the cosmos

Advanced Solar and Deep Space Observatories with smart telescopes

America’s first-ever flat-screen, 8K LED dome theater

The McCauley Planetarium will be the largest planetarium dome in the Midwest and America’s first-ever flat-screen, 8K LED dome theater. It will also be the world’s most advanced planetarium.

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New Technologies

While Grand Universe will provide a wide variety of hands-on opportunities for science and space enthusiasts, it will also excite those eager to learn more about new technologies. For instance, guests will be able to develop and code robots in a state-of-the-art laboratory and collaborate with local farmers, using cutting-edge agriscience instruments with commercial drones.