The Grand Universe Campus

Located next to the Grand Park sports complex in Westfield, Indiana, Grand Universe's 78‑acre science and space campus will be the place to touch science and space.

Render of the aerial view of the Grand Universe campus

A Mission Control for Student‑Powered Research

Step into a fully operational replica of NASA’s Mission Control Center, where students use data from the Earth System Observatory, James Webb Space Telescope, Artemis Mission to the Moon, Mars Missions, and beyond.

A Virtual Reality Theater to experience the cosmos

Advanced Solar and Deep Space Observatories with smart telescopes

America’s first‑ever flat‑screen, 8K LED dome theater

The McCauley Planetarium will be the largest planetarium dome in the Midwest and America’s first‑ever flat‑screen, 8K LED dome theater. It will also be the world’s most advanced planetarium.

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New Technologies

Grand Universe will provide various hands‑on opportunities to learn more about new technologies. Guests will develop and code robots in a state‑of‑the‑art laboratory and collaborate with local farmers, using cutting‑edge agriscience instruments with commercial drones.