The Grand Universe Campus

Located next to the Grand Park sports complex in Westfield, Indiana, Grand Universe's 78‑acre science and space campus will be the place to touch science and space.



The McCauley Planetarium

The 8K LED McCauley Planetarium will feature an ultra-high-definition dome theater that will create an immersive 360-degree experience. This advanced setup will give guests an out-of-this-world view with exceptional clarity, surround sound, and captivating science and space presentations!

Mission Control Center

The Mission Control Center will be a high-tech hub where students can analyze real-time NASA data – including satellite trajectories, Artemis mission updates, and James Webb Space Telescope imagery. This vibrant center will create an immersive environment for space exploration and teamwork.

Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), touch screens, and interactive displays will create engaging virtual environments and encourage hands-on learning.


Grand Universe will offer different types of observatories for all ages to enjoy! The Newberg Open Deck Observatory, the Solar Research Observatory, and the Deep Space Observatory.

STEM Pavilion

The Grand Universe STEM pavilion for robotics competitions is a venue designed for hosting robotics contests and related science activities. The pavilion also will include workshops, and interactive exhibits focused on STEM education.