January 24, 2024
Grand Universe to house an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Center
It seems like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere you look. As it continues to grow and change, we want to ensure that there is a space for students to learn more about the technical advancements, ethical considerations, and responsible deployments of AI. Our Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center will be a place for just that.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is a form of computer science and engineering where technological programs are equipped to perform tasks, analyze data, and improve efficiency. As this technology advances, there are many real-world applications that it can be used for and streamline otherwise meticulous tasks.

Partnered with Purdue University’s Center for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of STEM (CATALYST), Grand Universe will be able to provide formal educational courses revolving around AI. Advanced computer science workshops and bootcamps will also be available. Web and mobile application development, machine learning, AI, ChatGPT, virtual reality, augmented reality, Python, and SQL are just a few topics addressed during these extra learning opportunities.

GRU Screensaver

What is Agriscience?
Agriscience, or Agricultural Science, is the study of all the encompassing components of agriculture. Studying crops, plants, livestock, soil, and environmental impacts are just a few key topics where agriscientists focus their time and energy.

A blended solution
Agriscientists are always looking for new technologies that can help them understand what makes a successful harvest amidst different environmental conditions. Artificial Intelligence is the newest technology to assist with this goal.

At Grand Universe, guests will have the unique opportunity to see this blend of technology and science firsthand. Collaborating with local farmers, students will use cutting-edge agriscience instruments with commercial drones to collect data. This data will later be analyzed and reported on by Artificial Intelligence. This kind of technology saves scientists an immense amount of energy and paves the way for them to make informed decisions.

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