As a nation, we are fascinated with space

Since our founding in 2012, response to our dynamic programs in NASA missions, astronomy and space exploration has been swift and strong, for both the general public and especially the students and educators around the country that become captivated with the breadth and depth of what they are learning and its relevance to the world today.

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Interest In Space Has Intensified

The next Apollo era is now beginning. We're going back to the Moon and beyond

The importance of learning STEM skills is a key priority in our nation, and as demonstrated during the Apollo missions to the Moon, space exploration inspires young people across the nation to pursue careers in science and technology.

Central Indiana is one of the largest metro areas in the nation without a public observatory and space exploration center, and Grand Universe has the experience, the vision, the affiliations, and the expertise to make this a reality for our students and our state.

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One-Of-A-Kind Experience

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Grand Universe will lead students to discover new ways of thinking and skills leading to vital career paths that we cannot envision today. With the help of friends and supporters around the world, we will create this grand opportunity to empower students to create the future of science and technology, and engage the public in real science as never before.

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Ideal location

The plan for Grand Universe calls for a 25 acre site adjacent to the Grand Park Sports Campus, a 400-acre recreational sports village in Westfield, Indiana that attracts over two million visitors per year to participate and watch field sports in the largest outdoor sports facility in the world. This ideal location makes Grand Universe easily accessible for visitors throughout the midwest.

Galileo Center for Science and Innovation

With a focus on Student Powered Research, the Galileo Center for Science and Innovation will include an operational reproduction of the NASA Mission Control Center, a Virtual Reality and Visualization Lab, and a Computer Command Center where students will participate in the scientifc process by making observations, conducting experiments, and collecting and analyzing data.

It will also include a world-class Astronomical Observatory with a one-meter, research grade smart telescope that delivers the world of astronomy and citizen science opportunities to students of all ages.

Full Dome Digital Planetarium

Travel deep into the Amazon rainforest, plunge into the ocean with great white sharks, or travel through space in search of the new ninth planet. The Grand Universe Full Dome Digital Planetarium will provide a powerful, dynamic experience to help our curious-minded guests of all ages connect to science and technology as never before as they travel across planet Earth, tour the Solar System, explore the Milky Way Galaxy and experience the Cosmos as never before.

The Ultimate Family Destination

Grand Universe will be the ultimate family destination with free admission to the grounds, walking trails, bike paths and picnic areas. Evening activities include open-air concerts, laser light shows and free sky watching for the whole family at our world-class astronomical observatory. 

The First Phase is Under Way

The Galileo STEM Initiative

Grand Universe, Purdue University and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) have joined forces through a joint collaboration to create the Galileo STEM Initiative to inspire our youth to pursue careers in science and technology and advance the teaching and learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Many students have little awareness of the vast number of STEM careers that exist and Galileo explores these exciting careers in “real life”.

Galileo connects students with renowned STEM role models across America that represent cultural, ethnic, linguistic, gender, and socioeconomic diversity. Our inspiring video podcasts and on-site interviews take teens to NASA centers, universities and high-tech industries across America to experience a wide range of young, diverse professionals who enjoy exciting careers in science and technology. Their stories are certain to inspire our youth to pursue these important and rewarding careers.

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