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Grand Universe is an innovative and immersive STEM Learning Campus dedicated to fostering curiosity and education in science and space exploration. The 78‑acre campus will be a hub of discovery, offering state‑of‑the‑art facilities and programs designed
to inspire learners of all ages. 




Greg McCauley

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Mike Newberg
Executive Vice President

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Purdue University Catalyst

Purdue Catalyst is joining in on our mission to ignite lifelong learning! This STEM education partnership provides formal education courses utilizing advanced virtual learning technologies. These courses will be delivered directly to middle school and high school classrooms across Indiana.

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NASA Museum and Informal Education Alliance

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Greg McCauley

President/CEOof Grand Universe Board Chairman

John Shepherd

Astronomy professorat Indiana University (retired)Board Secretary

Greg Morris

President/Publisherof Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) (retired) Grand Universe Business Development Advisor

Jim Ake

Former Presidentof Westfield City Council Grand Universe Government Relations Advisor

Chuck Lehman

President of Westfield Economic Development Commission

Lori Price

of Franciscan Health
Central Indiana

Dr. Paul Kaiser

Westfield Washington Schools Superintendent

Dr. Lynn Bryan

Director of Purdue University Center for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of STEM (CATALYST) Faculty Fellow for K-12 STEM Engagement Professor of Science Education, Purdue University

Dr. Steve Abel

Associate Provost for Engagement, Purdue University (retired)

Grand Universe E‑STEM Advisory Board

Dr. Mark SubbaRao

Director of NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center Ph.D. Astrophysics, Johns Hopkins University Former President, International Planetarium Society